Courses for Non-TEC Member Districts

Looking for information on how to support students who require a remote learning option?

As approved by DESE and supported by TECCA, we can offer your district high quality online courses designed for your district students with MA-Certified Online Teacher Support. Our course catalog is aligned to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. You are able to enroll students in a core bundle of courses (ELA, social studies, science, math). Students accessing these virtual courses will remain enrolled in the district, continue to take courses remotely in their current district, and continue to receive services from the district.

Important details for 21-22 SY:



Key Dates:

  • Open enrollment is from January 10, 2022 through February 15, 2022. 
  • Courses begin the week of January 25, 2022. 
  • Course change/add/drop deadline is February 15, 2022. 
  • Billing/Invoicing will be generated based on enrollment data of February 18, 202

The credentialed, MA certified teachers provide synchronous instruction through weekly LiveLesson sessions, student- and teacher-initiated direct instruction. They serve as the teacher of record, respond to student-initiated email and telephone calls; grades assignments; moderates discussion boards; and assigns final grades. See below for new information about synchronous instructional opportunities offered through LiveLesson sessions.

LiveLesson update:

  • The frequency of LiveLessons vary by course. Core courses generally meet once/week, and electives meet every other week to monthly, depending on the course. Frequency of lessons will be shared at the start of school. Students may review recorded lessons or attend class live.
  • New for SY2122, we will offer targeted, small group intervention sessions by invitation for students who are struggling to master broader concepts. We saw much greater demand for small group support versus attendance at LiveLessons in SY2021, so we have adjusted the frequency of LiveLessons and added this instructional opportunity.
  • Expanded for SY2122, teachers will host three "Teacher Time" sessions (formerly known as office hours) each week. Students may drop in individually or work in small groups with their teacher. This schedule will be shared at the start of school.
  • New live classroom sessions for Elementary students taking 3+ courses in SY2122:
    • K-5 "Circle Time/Homeroom" every Monday and Friday. Homeroom Huddles on Monday, and DISH (Drop In and Say Hi) on Friday.
    • K-2 literacy sessions offered every day of the week.

Questions? Please contact Maribeth Tulenko

Supports, tips and additional resources for Families can be found on our “District Family Resources” webpage.


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