Central Office Staff

Name Position Phone E-mail
Emily Parks Executive Director 781-352-5711 eparks@tec-coop.org
Kayla Ober Executive Assistant 781-352-5421 kober@tec-coop.org
Dr. Zachary Abrams Director of Student Services 781-352-5706 zabrams@tec-coop.org
Dan Shovak Director Finance and Operations 781-352-5705 dshovak@tec-coop.org
Michelle L. Fusco Human Resources Manager 781-352-5704 mlfusco@tec-coop.org
Dr. Jean Kenney Director Professional Learning and Leadership 781-352-5716 jkenney@tec-coop.org
Janet Buerklin, EdD Professional Learning Coordinator 781-352-5718 jbuerklin@tec-coop.org
Antoinette Leshore Coordinator of Student Online Enrollment 781-352-5719 aleshore@tec-coop.org
Deb Lutz Manager of Online Learning Services (teachers) 781-352-5700 dlutz@tec-coop.org
Megan Smallidge Innovative Learning Specialist 781-352-5715 msmallidge@tec-coop.org
Lauren Carreiro Internships and Career Exploration Coordinator lcarreiro@tec-coop.org 
John Spears Director of Information Technology 781-352-5714 jspears@tec-coop.org
Joan Preble Accounting and Procurement Specialist 781-352-5708 jpreble@tec-coop.org
Tricia McKim Procurement Coordinator 781-352-5710 pmckim@tec-coop.org
Rose Byrne Purchasing 781-352-5700 rbyrne@tec-coop.org
Joyce Primavera Payroll Coordinator 781-352-5709 jprimavera@tec-coop.org
Patti Chitvanni Receptionist / Admin Associate 781-352-5700 pchitvanni@tec-coop.org
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