How To Participate

How to participate in a TEC Bid:

  • Once districts decide they would like to purchase from one of the four TEC Bids: (POCAS) Paper, Office Classroom, and Art Supplies; (FSB) Food Service Bid; (C) Custodial Supplies or (A-PE) Athletic and PE Supplies, they fill out a Participation Form and send it back to TEC. This is process begins in November with the POCAS bid.
  • We ask for the district’s input during our Pre Bid Meetings where we make plans for the new bid by looking at items we would like to add to the bid list and which items we would like to delete. We also discuss vendor performance and any issues districts have had with vendors during the previous school year.
  • Districts then review their needs and report their estimated usage for next school year on an excel spreadsheet and return it to TEC. We combine all participating districts’ usage and publish the bid on CommBuys, Goods and Services, the MetroWest Daily news as well as our TEC website.
  • We hold the bid opening here at TEC and live stream it. We then review the submitted bids for accuracy, mandatory forms and debarment. We also collect samples if required. We develop an Award Summary worksheet that shows the lowest bid and we check for bid specification compliance.
  • Participating districts are invited to attend the Bid Evaluation Meeting to review bids and samples and make award decisions.
  • After the final award decisions have been made, TEC handles the paperwork with the vendors and sends out the Award Summary and Purchase Orders to school districts prior to start date of contract.
  • Once the bid is awarded participating districts can use the TEC Purchase Orders to place orders directly and process payments directly with awarded vendors.
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