TEC High School

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School Overview

TEC High School is a DESE approved Public Day School that provides a student-centered, therapeutic setting and supportive academic experience to adolescents in grades 8-12. Our experienced, DESE certified classroom teachers and special educators help students master a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, while a full-time licensed clinical staff assists students in reaching their social-emotional development goals.

Who We Serve

Students at TEC High School contend with anxiety, depression, ASD, ADHD, mood disorders, and other mental health challenges. Many have significant histories of trauma, experience with bullying, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and school avoidance. Students typically score in the average to above-average intelligence range but may also struggle with executive functioning issues and specific learning disabilities. TEC High School welcomes student enrollment directly from hospitalization or following long term school absence. Length of enrollment varies; 45-day extended evaluations are an option.

Meet the Principal

Thank you for visiting the official website for TEC High School. I hope as you look around these pages, you’ll see that we offer students much more than just a small school setting where they can complete academic work. At TEC High School, we believe in our students and their unlimited potential. Every day, our dedicated staff works hard to maintain a community that reflects this belief. We meet our students where they are and we help them move forward to where they want to be. Whether by leaving their comfort zone on a field trip, solving an old challenge with a newly acquired skill, getting a taste of life after high school with access to college classes, or giving back through community service, students at TEC High School routinely push past what they once believed were their limits. They make new friends here, find new interests, discover new talents, and gain in confidence and character. With lots of hard work and continuous support from our school community, TEC students, no matter how long they’re here, emerge better prepared to engage with their future.

If you want more information about our community, what we do here, and what our students achieve, please feel free to contact me at any time. I’d welcome the opportunity to personally share more of our story.

Deborah A. Caligaris
Principal, TEC High School

Deborah Caligaris, TEC High School Principal
Deborah A. Caligaris

Academic Overview

At TEC High School, we strive to provide our students with a challenging and diverse academic curriculum within a caring and supportive learning community.

Therapeutic Support

Our clinicians are certified and trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT helps students learn new skills that will help them manage challenging emotions.


Staff includes licensed academic teachers who specialize in core subjects, certified special educators, licensed school social workers, clinical/behavioral specialists, and instructional support staff.


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