Enrollment Process

Student Enrollment Process for TEC Schools

The Education Cooperative (TEC) strives to provide an enriched and stimulating learning environment that offers our students the opportunities to grow as individuals and become productive members of society. The TEC staff work as an integrated team to best serve as well as challenge TEC students as they embrace their potential and to become actively involved in their own learning process thereby reaching their full potential.

When the The Education Cooperative (TEC) receives a referral from a school district, TEC staff engages with school district and family to determine programming and find solutions for the student who is struggling in their current school placement. TEC Schools have a rolling admission process therefore students can be accepted and enrolled throughout the school year.

TEC accepts referrals from the student’s school district. Typically, students have IEPs, however TEC also accepts students who are in the evaluation process.

Each school has an enrollment process that is is unique to the needs of the each school’s student population and programming. Hence, the majority of the referral process is based at the school level.

Have questions? Please contact  Dr. Zachary Abrams, TEC's Director of Student Services.

TEC Campus School accepts students, ages 3-21 who are diagnosed with severe disabilities and who benefit from multisensory instruction in a supportive setting that meets the individual learning, communication, motor, behavioral, daily living, health care, and transition needs of each student. TEC Campus School also offers students access to small-group and individual instructional settings, a vibrant school community, and community-based instruction.

TEC High School accepts students eighth grade through twelveth grade
who benefit from a nontraditional high school experience due to social-emotional challenges suchas anxiety, depression, school phobia,and other related mental health disorders.

TEC Phoenix Academy accepts students seventh grade through twelveth grade with academic, emotional and/or behavioral challenges that necessitate a small structured educational setting.

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