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TEC Campus School is a substantially separate special education school for students with moderate to intensive special needs. The TEC Campus School is located in East Walpole with one satellite classroom at Westwood High School. Personalized instruction is provided by expert teachers and related service personnel.

At TEC Campus School, we believe in your child...

All Students, All Access, All the Time

We believe that every student deserves access to their entire learning environment with all necessary supports throughout the entire day and in a variety of settings.

TEC Campus School wolfTEC Campus Wolves

“Sometimes wolves like to be independent, and sometimes they need help from the pack.”

An Accepting, Vibrant, Accessible School Community

Exciting school environment and activities such as assemblies, social groups, art classes, library, swimming, fitness area, playground, and more

Classroom-, School-, and Community-based Instruction

Students learn and practice skills in a variety of settings in order to generalize skills and increase independence across settings

Educational Leaders in the Areas of Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Outside consultation as well as resources, ongoing support, and consistent implementation across settings allow students access to communication systems and other instructional technologies

Evidence of Success

Students are actively and consistently engaged in learning and demonstrate progress as documented by data on each student’s growth. Families are positively involved in ongoing communication, support, training, events, and meetings. Staff are genuinely invested and care for their school, students, and families.

Student Learning

Variety of learning opportunities in multiple settings


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Special events for students as well as families


TEC Campus School 2020-2021 Spring Newsletter

April 22, 2021

Please enjoy the 2020-2021 Spring Newsletter!

Butterfly Project at TEC Campus School

April 13, 2021

Over the last month, Dana’s class watched caterpillars progress through their life cycle. The caterpillars grew quickly and the class watched them prepare to move into chrysalises. Once they emerged from the chrysalises they waited for them to get strong before being let go. On a sunny afternoon, Dana’s class went outside to let them fly free! Of the four butterflies, three were reluctant to leave. They were patient and eventually they flew away. Two butterflies stopped on some hands before continuing on their journey.

TEC Campus School 2020-2021 Winter Newsletter

March 1, 2021

Please enjoy the 2020-2021 Winter Newsletter!

The Great Kindness Challenge at TEC Campus School

February 23, 2021

TEC Campus School students and staff participated in The Great Kindness Challenge during the months of January and February. Please enjoy our slideshow to see all of the fun and meaningful ways we incorporate kindness in our school community. Kindness Matters at TEC Campus School!

The Great Kindness Challenge

TEC Campus School: End of Year Video

June 16, 2020

We hope you know how much we truly value each and every member of our school community…you can see it here in our end of year video.

– Meredith Faletra, TEC Campus Program Director

TEC Campus School: Remote Learning Monday Morning Pledge of Allegiance

April 6, 2020

Every Monday at school at 8:45am, we do the Pledge of Allegiance, led over the intercom by one student each week.   Here is a remote version that students can use at home to get their week started.


"As a parent who has been a student of TEC since 2009 we are happy with the choice we made. The program has been successful in so many aspects. Learning, life skills, behavior and job readiness. The staff are people whom I feel happy and blessed to know that my daughter is in good hands. She has grown to be a wonderful young lady and that is with the curriculum she follows. Thank you TEC for being the best program around" 

"Our family has had the pleasure of working together with the most  kind, loving and caring staff at TEC for the past six years . You will not meet more dedicated individuals . Through encouragement and positivity, they will always meet the needs and have the best interest for your child . TEC is family to us, and we feel incredibly lucky our son is in such an amazing school!"

"Our 10 year old son just transitioned to TEC this past August from the public school in our town. He is a sweet, happy, intelligent boy who also is nonverbal, uses a wheelchair, and depends on a gtube for nutrition. While he was happy attending our local school, with lots of wonderful friends and caring specialists, his needs were simply not being met. Most significantly, he struggles with communication. He understands his environment, but his lack of speech and proper coordination to use a device limits his ability to tell us what he knows or make requests.

From our first visit to the campus, we knew it would be the right place for our son. The staff were welcoming and enthusiastic about the program, and when we saw the classroom we were convinced. Every student in his class has devices and buttons and switches in accessible locations so that they can easily communicate, answer questions, make choices- the degree of AAC fluency at this school is outstanding, and exactly the kind of support our son needs, as do we so that we can communicate more easily as a family.

He is excited to get on the bus every morning, and he is exhausted and happy at the end of each day, and when we talk about his school day, he smiles. We have never once questioned this move to TEC Campus!"

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