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Career Internships for High School & College Students in MA

Participating in an internship is one of the best ways for students in high school and college to explore a career and gain work experience. An internship can either confirm a career interest or lead a student in a new direction.

The Education Cooperative (TEC) Internship Program is a selective career exploration placement program supporting junior and senior high school students and college students in the Boston Metrowest area. For over 15 years we have developed outstanding relationships with highly sought after businesses, organizations and public sector employers, who serve as mentors for our internship students.

TEC's internship program, will enable students to:

  • Clarify career goals and future academics
  • Understand what having a job is really like
  • Strengthen a college application and/or resume
  • Gain confidence and life skills
  • Make potential contacts for a future job search
  • Internships are what you make of them.

You may view our Internship FAQ's here!

Our program in the News:

For more information, please contact Lauren Carreiro.

Upcoming Internship Events

"Overall my internship has been an extremely beneficial experience for me as a business student and as a person. I now have experience in the business world, know what businesses look for in employees and interns, and I even made new friendships. I hope to be lucky enough to participate in another business internship next summer"

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