About TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance

History of MSPA

Started in Cambridge Public Schools by Steve Smith, CIO Cambridge Public Schools, in 2015, the MSPA launched a service to provide districts a way to tackle these difficult privacy issues. Partnering with Steve Smith, TEC launched an alliance that was created to:

  1. Provide districts with shared access to training, administrative support and expert legal counsel;
  2. Leverage our collective influence with vendors to protect student data; and
  3. Accelerate and expand the adoption of a common student data privacy agreement used by all member schools.

About The Education Cooperative (TEC)

Established in 1968, The Education Cooperative (TEC) is a Massachusetts DESE approved educational collaborative and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. TEC develops and coordinates educational and organizational programs to meet the needs of our member communities and their students and promotes inter-district collaboration that strengthens all participants and offers the opportunity to do more than one district can do individually.

A special thanks to our TEC Technology Directors and Steering Committee members for all the leadership and support they provide.

TEC Technology Directors

TEC SDPA Steering Committee

Working together with TEC on obtaining Student Data Privacy Agreements has significantly improved our rate of success. It has also saved us a tremendous amount of time. Having the support of specific point people such as TEC's Data Privacy Specialist Ramah Hawley and TEC's hired attorney Felicia Vasudevan is instrumental in our success in obtaining the agreements.

Melissa Quinn
Administrative Assistant to Technology Director, Dedham Public Schools

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