Member District Family Resources

Member District Family Resources

Just as parents of students in a traditional school are responsible for their children’s education, parents of students who are learning remotely are also responsible for overseeing their children’s education. As the Parent or the Caretaker in the room you are considered the ‘Learning Coach’ for your student. Learning Coaches are more involved in their students’ education than parents of students in a traditional school. Learning Coaches of elementary students generally spend more time working with their students than Learning Coaches of middle or high school students.

  • Amount of Learning Coach time:
    • Elementary: About 5–6 hours
    • Middle School: About 2–3 hours
    • High School: About 1–2 hours

The amount of Learning Coach time and level of effort varies, depending on the student’s age and ability to work independently.

Here are some resources to support families & students during their remote learning:

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