TEC Phoenix Academy Enrollment

The enrollment process at The Education Cooperative (TEC) is a thorough, all-encompassing collaborative process with families and school districts. The enrollment process is based on rolling admissions. The process incorporates three broad phases.

Phase 1 - Referral

School districts and families determine that a referral packet is to be sent to TEC Phoenix Academy as a result of a team meeting. The data that is sent by the sending district in the referral packet, is promptly reviewed and analyzed by TEC Phoenix Academy Administration, Counselors, and Special Education Teachers. Based on the TEC Phoenix Academy Referral Checklist, there may be a request for additional information from the Out of District Coordinator of the referring district. At times, there may be a request from TEC Phoenix Academy for parents to sign a release of information to talk with outside providers. The TEC Phoenix Academy Administrator will then contact the family to discuss the referral and set up an interview with the student and parents/guardians.

Phase 2 - Interview

The interview process will be a chance for families to learn about the opportunities that TEC Phoenix Academy has to offer. The student profile, therapeutic support, approach, academic curriculum, transition goals, and community service will all be part of the discussion. There will be a tour following the interview, with the opportunity to ask questions.

Phase 3 - Decision

After TEC Phoenix Academy has received all necessary documents, and the interview has happened; the staff will meet to determine if the unique set of learning and social emotional needs that the student presents can be met. A formal letter will be sent directly to the sending district to inform them if a student is accepted or denied. If the student is accepted and will be enrolling at TEC Phoenix Academy, a parent/guardian is required to complete the admission packet and with the district sign a placement page prior to the student starting school.

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