TEC Phoenix Academy Staff

TEC Phoenix Academy is headed by a Principal, who provides leadership, policy and operational direction. Professional staff members include licensed academic teachers who specialize in core subjects, licensed school social workers, clinical/behavioral specialists, instructional support staff and an administrative assistant.

An integrated team of skilled teachers, adjustment counselors and therapists assist students to develop a sense of self-awareness and effective personal decision making that will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in school, college and/or career. Licensed social workers provide ongoing counseling, clinical consulting, and case management. College and career counseling programs prepare students for success in school, college and career through goal development, interest assessment and internship opportunities within the community.

Meet Our Staff

Andrew Bevilacqua
Andrew Bevilacqua
Diane Holloway-Carnes
Diane Holloway-Carnes

Andrew Bevilacqua - Culinary Arts

  • Licenses/Qualifications: Bachelor Degree, Vocational Educator License 8-12 , 20 years experience in the hospitality field, 15 years providing vocational training and instruction at The Education Cooperative
  • Interests: Everything FOOD, enjoy watching and playing sports, nature, outer space, world history, and also a love of dogs

Diane Holloway-Carnes - Teacher/Culinary Arts Aide

  • Subject: Cooking/Baking/Culinary Arts Program
  • License/Qualifications: Culinary, Hospitality.
    Bachelor of Arts in Business Management/Accounting, Paralegal Certificate, Upper Cape Tech and Blue Hills Tech - Culinary/Baking Certification.
  • Skills/Interests: Baking and craft activities, sewing, reading


Cole Cummings
Cole Cummings

Cole Cummings - Teacher Aide

  • License/Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Keene State College
  • Skills/Interests: EMT certified through NMETC, avid hiker, beach-goer, music listener, runner
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris, M.Ed - English Teacher

  • Subjects: ELA (8-12th grade), Creative Writing, Photography/Digital Media
  • License / Qualifications: ELA (5-12), ELL (5-12), Moderate Disabilities (5-12), SEI Endorsement.
    Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (University of Virginia), Master of Education in Special Education - Moderate Disabilities (Cambridge College), Master of Education in Educational Technology (Lesley University); Certificate - Technology in Education Program (Harvard Graduate School of Education); Highlander Fuse Fellow.
  • Skills/interests: bee-keeping, chicken-keeping, goat-keeping, playwriting, theatre management, digital media, reading
Pete Kahle
Pete Kahle

Pete Kahle, M.Ed. - History/Science/Special Education Teacher

  • Subjects: Biology I, Government/Civics, World History/Western Civilization
  • Licenses/Qualifications: Middle School Humanities, Middle School Math/Science, Moderate Disabilities (K-8), Moderate Disabilities (5-12), Biology, Elementary Education, SEI Endorsement.
    Bachelor of Arts in Theater (Binghamton University), Master of Education (Ashford University)
  • Skills/Interests: Author/publisher, reading, football, science fiction/horror films, travel, animals, world history


Gordon Lang
Gordon Lang

Gordon A. Lang, LICSW - School Counselor

  • License/Qualifications: MA Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of New England), Master of Social Work, (University of New England)
  • Skills/Interests: Yoga, Golf, Camping, Kayaking, Traveling
Susan LeMay
Susan LeMay

Susan LeMay, LMHC - School Adjustment Counselor

  • Licenses/Qualifications: Certified School Adjustment Counselor (K-12), MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor.
    Bachelor of Science in Human Services (Fitchburg State University), Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (Fitchburg State University)
  • Skills/Interests: Substance use prevention education and treatment. Exploring and sharing the health benefits of humor with others. Nature walks, hikes, biking, leisure sports, traveling.


Siobhan Lennon
Siobhan Lennon

Siobhan Lennon, M.Ed - Special Education Teacher

  • Subjects: Middle School Math, Science, History and ELA, Special Education
  • Licenses/Qualifications:  Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8).
    Bachelor of Arts, English Major (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Master of Education (Eastern Nazarene)
  • Skills/Interests: Reading, travel, history


Marci Mongelli
Marci Mongelli

Marci Mongelli, M.Ed - Science/Special Education Teacher

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics
  • Licenses/Qualifications: Moderate Disabilities (5 – 12); Moderate Disabilities (K – 8); Elementary Education (1 – 6).
    Master of Arts, Special Education (Grand Canyon University); Master of Arts, Elementary Education (Georgetown College); Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education (Berea College)
  • Skills/Interests:  Artist (Drawing); Creative Arts (Multiple); Reading; Traveling
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan

Karen Morgan, Ed.D - Teacher Specialist

  • Subjects: Math Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, OSHA, Credit Recovery: U.S.History, Science, English
  • License / Qualifications: Math, Social Sciences, School Administration, School Counselor (grades 5-12).
    Bachelor of Arts - Secondary Education/Political Science Antioch College, OH;  Masters of Education-School Counseling Univ. of Louisville, KY; Doctor of Education- Educational Leadership Univ. of California. Berkeley, CA.
  • Skills/interests: Professional ski Instructor Alpine (downhill), dance, painting, hiking, boating, golf, global travel to sacred sites, education research school improvement, mysteries, bird watching.
Antonio Nicolazzo
Antonio Nicolazzo

Antonio J. Nicolazzo, M.Ed. - Special Education/History Teacher

  • Subjects: History, Special Education Administration
  • License/Qualifications: History 5-12, Moderate Disabilities 5-12. Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Framingham State University), Master of Education (Lesley University)
  • Skills/Interests: Outdoors, reading, historical research, golf
Madelyn Ricketts
Madelyn Ricketts

Madelyn Ricketts - Administrative Assistant

  • Skills: Supports managers and staff through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication.
  • Interests: Outdoor activities, travel
Amy Sulkala
Amy Sulkala

Amy Sulkala, LICSW - School Adjustment Counselor

  • Licenses/Qualifications:  MA Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker; DESE School Social Worker/School Adjustment Counselor, All Levels, Professional.
    Master of Social Work from Boston University; Bachelor of Science from UMASS Amherst. I have been employed by The Education Cooperative as a School Adjustment Counselor since 2004.
  • Interests: Animal rescue/care, reading, making creative/crafty gifts, nature walks/hikes, skiing, dancing & cooking
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