Professional Development with Dr. Naami Turk

TEC High School teachers and counselors have partnered with clinical psychologist Dr. Naami Turk for an on-going series of professional development sessions focusing on working with adolescents, mental health, trauma, and best practices surrounding the work we do on a daily basis. Dr. Turk had already been working as a consultant with our guidance/counseling staff, and we are quite fortunate that her role has been expanded to include our classroom teachers as well. Before the first Zoom session of the ’22-’23 school year, staff engaged in some fun team-building with an impromptu dodge ball game with a set of beach balls compliments of Principal Caligaris!

Dr. Turk brings over 25 years of experience as clinical psychologist and has collaborated with numerous school systems throughout the state.
Science teacher Aimee Brisbin takes cover during a light-hearted staff-on-staff dodge-ball session.

TEC High School

TEC High School

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