Announcing TEC’s Launch of “Education Rejuvenation for Teacher Leaders”

Things haven’t been particularly easy these last few years. Many educators report feeling burned out by hardships of the job and challenges that continue to emerge and intensify in our world. And yet, educators also report that the best parts of their job are being with students, having supportive colleagues, and finding ways to feel reinvigorated in their own lives, as well as their work.

In March 2023, the Innovative Learning Office at The Education Cooperative launched Education Rejuvenation for Teacher Leaders – a professional learning opportunity for educators to connect, discuss challenges, celebrate success and learning, and reignite the education spark that may feel a bit…fizzled

Interested teacher leaders gathered in February to share what they actually want and need from this experience and to co- design programmatic plans.

The group divides its meeting time into two areas:

  • Activities and discussion that prioritize connection, rejuvenation, and support
  • Activities and discussion that prioritize practice and problem solving

Participants hail from all education levels and represent 8 different districts. They are eager to build and practice their leadership skills by sharing what is and is not working in their practice, problem solving, exchanging ideas with like-minded peers, as well as engaging in self-exploration and reflection on what feels rejuvenating, interesting or inspiring in and outside of their educator role. 

Teacher leaders will leverage the skills and connections developed through the group to create a plan that sustains their rejuvenation for the 2023-2024 school year by taking an action to enhance or create an experience, addressing a challenge, or extending the impact of something in their classroom, building, district, or community.

If you are interested in learning more or joining Education Rejuvenation – please contact TEC’s Innovative Learning Coordinator – Meg Smallidge at

Meg Smallidge is TEC’s Innovative Learning Coordinator – for more information or to share innovative learning examples from your school, please email

Innovative Learning

Innovative Learning

At TEC, we are committed to growing ideas and expanding learning opportunities across districts, proving our motto that “together we create more possibilities.”

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