All TEC Programs Are Open For In-Person Instruction

Dear TEC Families and Students,

At TEC we know that together we create more opportunities and that is how we have developed our plan for the reopening of our vibrant learning community. Throughout these challenging months the TEC Leadership Team and staff has reviewed and aligned our practices and protocols to the COVID-19 guidelines provided to us from DESE, the CDC, state and local advisories to meet or exceed their guidance in order to prepare for the safe reopening of TEC’s in-person instructional programs this fall. We have shared our progress with our community along the way with a series of memos, personal outreach, and Zoom meetings and have provided  additional information for families on our COVID-19 Resources web page. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources web page to read my full letter and view all resources for TEC families.

– Liz McGonagle, Executive Director

TEC students on bikes
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