Academics Overview

At TEC High School, we strive to provide our students with a challenging and diverse academic curriculum within a caring and supportive learning community. Our academic curriculum is aligned to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. It includes online and blended learning, AP and honors options, and highly individualized coursework based on the needs of students. Our curriculum fully integrates special education services, executive functioning skills development and ongoing, individual support from Highly Qualified, Massachusetts DESE-certified teachers.

Course Catalogue

Core curriculum courses, led by certified, highly qualified instructors, are designed to meet all current Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education frameworks and standards. We also offer numerous electives, in addition to our seminar courses, which target key executive function skills to build solid study strategies, work habits, organization, and overall confidence. Click here to view the entire catalogue.


Most students at TEC High School have the opportunity to take elective courses throughout the year. These classes provide students a chance to explore or discover interests beyond typical curricular choices. Electives emphasize enrichment and enjoyment and are held on a pass/fail basis. Electives change each quarter. Please see the Course Catalogue for more information.

TEC High School Students

Online Courses

TEC High School students have the opportunity to take online courses in subjects not offered on-site. Students may enroll in online classes to fulfill specific graduation requirements or to pursue an independent study of a topic of interest. Classes are offered through TECCA, a fully accredited Massachusetts virtual school. Participants simultaneously receive on-site advising from TEC High School staff.

Transition Services

TEC High School offers access to the five key components of the Pre-ETS Program (Pre-employment Transition Services): job exploration and career counseling; work-based learning opportunities; counseling on post-secondary education/college; workplace readiness (including social skills development); and instruction in self-advocacy skills. Students at TEC High School engage in internships, college fairs and tours, online career assessments and college/career research.

Community Service

TEC High School participates in community service throughout the year. Here are some of our experiences:

  • The Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Golden Opportunities for Independence
  • Environmental clean ups
  • National Marine Life Center
  • Victoria Haven Skilled Nursing Center
  • Harrington House
  • Walpole Food Pantry
  • School on Wheels
  • Peer Modeling at TEC Campus School

Therapeutic Support


Our clinicians are certified and trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT helps students learn new skills that will enable them to manage emotions more effectively. It focuses on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. All students participate in a DBT Skills Class each week.


TEC High School is dedicated to maintaining a schoolwide “culture of Mindfulness” because we believe mindfulness helps students in many facets of their lives from academics to social-emotional growth to managing challenges both small and large. Each morning begins with a mindfulness practice that may include guided meditation, focus on the senses, movement or simple breathing exercises.

1:1 Clinical Time

Each week students have the opportunity to meet with their clinicians for support in addressing their social-emotional goals. Clinicians are available during the school day to provide additional counseling support when needed.

Social Pragmatics

Students meet with our Speech and Language Pathologist in groups or individually to work on social communication skills.

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