TEC Campus School Summer 2021 Newsletter

The pictures of special moments and the smiles will tell you more than I can about the summer that our students had at the TEC Campus School including on campus activities like the petting zoo, reptile show, magic show, the first TEC Carnival, and the ice cream truck. Of course there was plenty of water to be found as well with the re-opening of the indoor pool as well as lots of water play options available outdoors by our playground and beautifully blooming sensory garden. Students were also able to access the community safely once again with local trips for summer treats as well as some further away beach adventures and Castle Island. And yes, we all learned about new topics in our classrooms, kept up with our therapies, and made sure we were behaving and communicating throughout the summer:) I have always felt strongly that we must keep up the important skills we are working on, but every child deserves summer… check out the summer at TEC Campus School! 

Please enjoy the TEC Campus School Summer 2021 Newsletter! 

TEC Campus School

TEC Campus School

TEC Campus School is an approved special education public day school in East Walpole for students ages 3-21.

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