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For over thirty years The Education Cooperative has been offering competitively bid savings opportunities on thousands of products through our locally-managed Cooperative Purchasing program. We work on behalf of the school systems to secure volume purchasing contracts that have benefits that are measurable and cost effective. 



Office & Classroom Supply Bid (POCAS-18)

Bid Notice:  Invitation for Bid


Office & Classroom Supply Bid (POCAS-17)

This bid includes: Paper, Office, Classroom, Art, and Computer Supplies.  Along with individual items, this bid offers a catalog discount.

For more information contact Tricia McKim

Bid Award Information for FY 16-17

Award Summary

Bid Specs


Food Service Bid (FSB-18) School Year 2017-2018

Notice of Bidder's Conference 1/9/17



Food Service Bid (FSB-17) School Year 2016-2017

Includes bids for: Groceries, Bread, Rolls & Bakery Products, Milk, Paper & Related Kitchen Products, and Vending & Beverages. 

For more information contact Tricia McKim

Bid Notice:  Invitation for Bid 

Bid Documents:  TEC Food Service Bid FY16-17 Cover Memo

Mandatory Non-Collusion Form, Mandatory Vendor Bid Signature Form, Reference Form & Delivery Points

General Bid Specs, Bread Bid Specs, Milk Bid Specs, Ice Cream Bid Specs, Paper Bid Specs, Grocery Bid Specs

Revised Vendor Bid Forms 3/29/16: Bread Vendor Bid From Revised 3/29/16 (Andover estimates added to Zone 1)  Ice Cream Vendor Bid Form Revised 3/29/17 (Items #14&15, Juice Sorbet and Juice Cup removed)  Grocery Vendor Bid Form Addendum (Items #159a&b Juice Sorbet and Juice Cup added on new separate Vendor Bid Form spreadsheet)

Addendum #1:  3/11/16 Response to Bid Questions  Addendum #2:  3/22/16 Response to Bid Questions Addendum #3:  3/29/16 Response to Bid Questions  Addendum #4:  Bid Deadline is 4/14/16

Bid Award Information for FY 16-17:   Cover Letter    Grocery Award - revised    Bread Award    Milk Award     Ice Cream Award      Paper Award

Nurtitional Labels: see link in box to the left


Commodity Chicken Bid (CCPB-17)

This Invitation For Bid is open to DESE approved manufacturers that process 100103 Chicken Large Chilled-bulk (A522) and/or 100100 Chicken Small Chilled-bulk (A521).

Vendor Bid Documents: Invitation For Bid & Vendor Bid Form Pilgrims & Vendor Bid Form Tyson  FYI...Estimated Usage/Committed Pounds Revised 2-9-16 FYI...DESE Product Data Sheet Pilgrims Pride Revised 2-11-16 FYI...DESE Product Data Sheet Tyson



Athletic/PE Equipment and Supply Bid (A-PE-17)

The Athletic & PE Equipment and Supplies Bid  is the reuslt of the TEC Athletic & PE Directors commitment to maximizing cost savings by increasing participation.

For more information contact Tricia McKim

A-PE-17 Vendor Bid Documents:

1.  Vendor Letter   2. Invitation for Bid including Bid Specs and Forms (Word document)   3. Vendor Bid Form (Excel spreadsheet)  4. Bid Calendar  5. Delivery Points

Bid Award Information for FY 16-17: Award Summary

Custodial Supply Bid (C-17)

The Custodial Bid is the result of the TEC Facility Administrators commitment to increased savings through municipal participation and their invaluable input in helping to refine the bid to better reflect the needs of the participating school departments.

For more information contact Tricia McKim

C-17 Vendor Bid Documents:

Bid Documents:  TEC Custodial Bid FY17 Vendor Letter

C-17 Bid Specifications, C-17 Vendor Bid Forms (Word), C-17 Vendor Bid Spreadsheet (Excel), C-17 Delivery Points , C-17 Sum of Towns

Bid Award Information for FY 16-17:  Award Summary

Fuel Oil Bid

This bid provides fixed or flexible options on #2 and #4 fuel oil to the participating districts. 

For more information contact Maureen DeChristoforo


Natural Gas Bid

The TEC Bid for the supply of Natural Gas allows participants to purchase Natural Gas directly from suppliers. Participants have the option of purchasing either at a fixed price or at NYMEX + basis. Contract duration varies from one to three years at the discretion of individual districts.

For more information contact Maureen DeChristoforo



Managed Print Services

The primary goal of this Invitation for Bid is to secure a qualified Bidder with the proven ability to manage and streamline printing operations while increasing cost-effectiveness and overall printing efficiencies for TEC Member Districts.

For more information contact Dan Shovak

Vendor Documents FY15-16


Managed Print Services Invitation For Bid  
IFB Attachment A  
IFB Attachment B  


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