Cooperative Purchasing Program

TEC Bids

Saves time and money

For over thirty years The Education Cooperative has been offering competitively bid savings opportunities on thousands of products through our locally-managed Cooperative Purchasing program. We work on behalf of the school systems to secure volume purchasing contracts that have benefits that are measurable and cost effective. 


Office & Classroom Supply Bid (POCAS-20) School Year 2019-2020

POCAS -20 Award Summary 


Office & Classroom Supply Bid (POCAS-21) School Year 2020-2021

POCAS-21 Bid Calendar

POCAS-21 Bid Notice

Bid Documents:  POCAS-21 Bidder Cover Memo  POCAS-21 Bid Specs  POCAS-21 Bid Forms (Word)    POCAS-21 Bid Forms (Excel)-category 2 update

FYI...POCAS-21 Sum of District Estimates and Delivery Points

Food Bid (FSB-20) School Year 2019-2020

2019-2020 Food Bid Awards: 

FSB-20 BreadFSB-20 GroceryFSB-20 MilkFSB-20 Ice CreamFSB-20 PaperSB-20 Vending (renewal)

2019-2020 Food Bid Nurtirional Labels

Bread Calise Bread Duva Bread Fantini Grocery Milk New England Ice Cream Milk Manies Ice Cream


Food Bid (FSB-21) School Year 2020-2021

TEC Food Bid 21 Cover Memo

TEC Food Bid 21 Bid Specs:  General, Grocery, Bread, Paper (We are bidding fresh milk separately - later)

TEC Food Bid Vendor Bid Forms:  Word forms:  Cert of N-C-Tax (Mandatory), Vendor Bid Signature Sheet (Mandatory), Reference Form, USDA Forms  Excel forms:  Vendor Bid Form Bread, Vendor Bid Form Grocery, Vendor Bid Form Paper

TEC Food Bid FYI...Delivery Points, Sum of District Estimates, Zones

TEC Food Bid Addendum#1 2/20/20



Athletic/PE Equipment and Supply Bid (A-PE-20) School Year 2019-2020

Bid Documents:  A-PE-20 Bidder Memo A-PE-20 Bid Specs and Bid Forms  A-PE-20 Bid Forms 

FYI... Bid Calendar,  Legal NoticeSum of District Estimates  and  Delivery Points


A-PE-20 Award Summary


Athletic/PE Equipment and Supply Bid (A-PE-21) School Year 2020-2021

A-PE-21 Bid Calendar

A-PE-21 Legal Notice


Custodial Supply Bid (C-20) School Year 2019-2020

Bid Documents:  C-20 Bidder Memo C-20 Bid Specs C-20 Bid Forms  C-20 Bid Forms (Excel) C-20 Bid Questions #1 C-20 Bid Questions #2 FYI...Bid CalendarLegal Notice, Sum of Districts and Delivery Points

C-20 Award Summary


Custodial Supply Bid (C-21) School Year 2020-2021

C-21 Bid Calendar

C-21 Legal Notice

Fuel Oil Bid

This bid provides fixed or flexible options on #2 and #4 fuel oil to the participating districts. 

For more information contact Dan Shovack

FY 2019-2020 Bid documents:

Bid Notice

Invitation For Bid 

Vendor Bid Form Zone 1 

Vendor Bid Form Zone 2

District Usage Reports:  Dedham, Dover/Sherborn, Holliston