The enrollment process at TEC Campus School is a thorough, all encompassing collaborative process with families and school districts. The process incorporates three broad phases.

Phase 1 - Referral

School districts and families determine that a referral packet is to be sent to TEC Campus School by the school district. TEC Campus School staff carefully review the referral packet. Within two school days, a TEC administrator acknowledges receipt of the referral to the district representative. Based on TEC’s referral checklist, request for additional information may be made to the district. The TEC administrator contacts the family and/or school district to discuss the referral within three school days.

Phase 2 - Visit

Based on the student profile, and discussion with families and/or school district, a visit schedule will be determined. Visits may include an observation at the student’s present placement, a parent/guardian visit to the TEC Campus School, and/or a parent/guardian with student visit to the TEC Campus School.

Phase 3 - Decision

TEC staff meet to determine if the TEC Campus School can meet the unique set of learning needs that the student presents. The student may be invited for a visit where the student has the opportunity to participate in school activities. TEC Campus School sends the district a letter informing the district of the TEC Campus School’s decision. If the student is going to be enrolled at the TEC Campus School, a parent/guardian is required to complete the admission packet before the student starts school.

TEC Campus School Referral Packet Checklist

  • Reason for Referral including preferred start date (ex. immediate, summer, fall)
  • Active IEP
  • Most Recent Progress Reports
  • Most Recent Evaluations in all Relevant Areas

The following information may also be requested:

  • Any relevant Amendments and/or Rejected IEPs
  • Behavior Support Plan and Recent Data
  • Individualized Health Care Plan and/or Other Health Related Records
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