TECCA Virtual K-12 Remote Learning

TECCA Virtual K-12 Remote Learning Partner Information

DESE Remote Learning Option 4 

As approved by DESE, TECCA is able to offer your district high quality courses designed for your district students with Certified Online Teacher Support. Our course catalog is aligned to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and contains courses in the following categories for grades K-12: Core Courses, Advanced Courses (Advanced Placement, Honors, Gifted and Talented), Elective Courses, and Foundations Courses. We will work closely with your District leadership to ensure a successful launch of your Remote Learning program powered by TECCA.

The credentialed, certified teachers provide synchronous instruction through LiveLesson sessions, student- and teacher-initiated direct instruction, serves as the teacher of record, responds to student-initiated email and telephone calls; grades assignments; moderates discussion boards; and assigns final grades.

Spring 2021 Enrollment Dates:

  • It is critical to understand the details of this partnership and responsibilities that will fall to the district. If you were not able to attend one of our Spring 2021 Remote Learning Information Sessions, then please watch the recorded session using the link below:
  • TECCA Spring 2021 Enrollment Information Session Recording
    • Access Passcode: $C?+6.A8
  • Here are the dates for Spring semester open enrollment:
    • Dec 14, 2020 to Jan 20, 2021: Open enrollment for new & existing partners
    • Jan 27, 2021: First day of Spring Semester
    • Feb 10, 2021: Course change deadline

For Districts: How TECCA Virtual Course Enrollment Work

TECCA is offering TWO options open to any Massachusetts School or District:

1. Single Core Course with a MA Certified Online Teacher for one student 

With this license, a student takes any single core course (English, mathematics, social studies, science, or electives) in the TECCA library.
TECCA’s courses are delivered both synchronously and asynchronously, with live teaching offered weekly in core courses.
Grades K-12, $350/License/Semester

2. Core Bundle of Courses with MA Certified Online Teachers for one student

With this license type, a student takes a “bundle” of 4 core courses in the TECCA library: English, mathematics, social studies, and science.
TECCA’s courses are delivered both synchronously and asynchronously, with live teaching offered weekly.
Grades K-12, $1,270/License/Semester

To discuss this remote learning program details and to purchase licenses, please contact
TECCA'S Superintendent Patrick Lattuca:
Telephone: 774-315-5123 #316

Helpful Resources for TECCA's Remote Learning District Partners:

TECCA is an expert in virtual learning, so here are resources for District Leaders offering remote learning through TECCA:

Supports, tips and additional resources for Families can be found on our “District Family Resources” webpage.

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