TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance

About the TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance

The responsibility of protecting student data is a challenge shared by our entire regional learning community.  Based on the pioneering work of the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance (MSPA)our member school districts have formed a regional alliance designed to share best practices in protecting student data in an educational setting.

The TEC Student Data Privacy Alliance, a member of the Access 4 Learning Community, is dedicated to working collaboratively to develop a single Massachusetts Student Data Privacy Agreement (DPA). This agreement will be executed between each LEA and software Provider and will spell out  the duties and responsibilities required to protect student data in compliance with all applicable state privacy statutes, including the FERPA, PPRA, COPPA, 603 C.M.R. 23.00 and Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, Sections 34D to 34H.  

For additional information contact Erik Erickson, Director of Innovative Learning Services.