Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why take a TEC Online Academy course?


  • Develop communication and collaboration skills you need to be successful in college and career

  • Take innovative courses that may not be offered in your own school

  • Flexibility and independence! Be in charge of your own learning schedule

  • Collaborate with other students from outside of your school district

  • Learn from talented teachers from the Greater Boston school districts.


2. Who is a good candidate for an online course?


Are you self-motivated, able to structure your time and meet deadlines? Developing these habits is essential to succeed with online courses. Since there is no face-to-face contact with your instructor or peers, you must take responsibility for your learning and create routines to ensure that you actively participate in your course.


Helpful hints for success:


  • COMMUNICATION IS ESSENTIAL - Log in to your TEC Online Academy course frequently and check for messages from the instructor on a daily basis. If you need help don’t wait---contact the instructor and ask for clarification.


  • DEVELOP A ROUTINE - Plan to spend at least 5-6 hours per week on your course. Include your online course assignments, readings and discussion board responses in your daily planner. To succeed you must actively participate in your online course and complete assignments on time. Online learning makes more demands on your time management skills and requires self-discipline.


  • BE PROACTIVE - If you have questions or are having any difficulty, contact your instructor and check in with your guidance counselor. If you send an email to your instructor about an assignment, do not stop your progress in the course; move on to the next assignment while waiting for a response.


Check out these resources to become more aware of strategies for success in an online learning environment:





3. Will I receive credit towards graduation for this course?


Each school district sets the policy on how course credit is applied to your academic transcript. Please consult your guidance counselor for additional details.


4. Will the course count towards my grade point average?


Each school district sets the policy on how course credit is applied to your academic transcript. Please consult your guidance counselor for additional details.


5. What will the experience be like?


You will participate in a challenging semester-long (18-week) online learning experience.  You will need to work independently and include time in your daily schedule to log in to check for messages from your teacher. Some classes may offer an optional face-to-face meeting with instructor and classmates. You should expect to spend a minimum of 5 to 6 hours per week on your coursework that will include readings, posting to discussion boards, viewing videos and a range of interactive assignments. There will be a final exam or a culminating project.


6. Who can take courses?


Any high school student currently enrolled in a TEC member school district is eligible and has priority to take an online course. The TEC Online Academy will also welcome other high school students if space allows. This provides a perfect opportunity for home-schooled students to have a collaborative online learning experience. We are currently developing additional courses for middle school students.


7. What are the costs?


Fees for the 2017-2018 school year are typically $300 per semester course for students in schools that are members of the TEC collaborative.


8. How will I be graded?


Similar to your own school’s academic policies, progress reports will be issued midway through the semester and a final exam or a culminating project will be expected. Grades will be sent directly to you and your high school guidance contact. Each school district will determine how and if the grades and credits reflect on the student transcript.


9.  Is TEC an approved AP provider?


Yes, TEC Online Academy is an approved AP Online provider.


10.  Are the courses NCAA approved?


The NCAA eligible courses are offered by Connections Learning and are NCAA approved.  The TEC Online Academy courses below are also NCAA approved.


TEC Online Academy

NCAA Approved

AP Environmental Science

The Archaeology of Ancient Greece

The Archaeology of Ancient Rome

Latin (Honors)


For additional information please contact online@tec-coop.org