Licensure with Worcester State University

Administrative Initial Licensure Program

TEC, in partnership with Worcester State University, is approved by the DESE to provide initial licenses in the following areas:

  • principal/assistant principal

  • supervisor/director


TEC is committed to providing access to high quality, low cost educational leadership programs  to the educators within the TEC member district learning community. We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Worcester State University to launch an  an Administrator Licensure Program! We are excited to announce that there are sufficient numbers of accepted candidates to support the first TEC WSU Licensure cohort beginning in January of 2019 on the campus of the Framingham Public Schools.

We want to thank Superintendent Robert Tremblay and his staff for partnering with TEC to host this new educational leadership program.   The successful completion of the program will provide participants with Initial Licensure in Administration (principal/assistant principal, supervisor/director).


This Master of Education (M.Ed.) program in School Leadership & Administration is offered through Worcester State University.  In addition to earning the degree, successful completion of the program can lead to a Massachusetts principal/assistant principal license, or a supervisor/director license. WSU does not offer this program on its campus -- we offer it in partnership with WSU for our TEC member school districts. Here is what you need to know::

  • Educators who have their initial or professional license and have been teaching for at least two years are eligible to apply.

  • Three letters of recommendation are required, with at least one from a school leader in your district.

  • It is a 36-credit master's degree designed to prepare educators for the state's PALS test (which is the administrator's version of MTEL). Upon successful completion of the PALS and the degree, the student is eligible for one of the leadership licenses listed above.

  • For detailed overview of the curriculum, please see the graduate catalog here.


This program leads to both a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Leadership & Administration, as well as a principal/assistant principal license or a supervisor/director license through DESE. It does not lead to an administrator license in special education, nor a superintendent's license. The M.Ed. is earned after successful completion of 36 credits that are part of the program. The license is earned after successful completion of the Commonwealth's PALS assessments.

The program offers traditional classroom work, coupled with practicum hours. Teachers work with WSU faculty, as well as a coach/mentor who is a current or former school administrator. In most cases, practicum hours are completed in the school in which you are currently teaching.


Students who have been accepted to the program are welcome to join the cohort that starts in January at Framingham High School.  To apply, simply follow the steps outlined on the attached document. Click here to download  the application form.


Interested in participating? Please see the details below.

Click here to download  the registration form for the Spring 2019 courses.

Please complete and return your form to: Sara Grady at Worcester State University  along with your  payment, no later than January 7th. If you plan to use financial aid, please be sure to submit your FAFSA as soon as possible and write "financial aid" at the bottom of the attached registration.

There is a one-time application fee of $50.

WSU offers a highly competitive rate for its graduate courses and provides us a discounted rate; a single credit is $257.60 for both tuition and fees. Students are welcome to apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA) which can be used as long as you are enrolled in at least 6 credits at a time.

WHERE: Framingham High School



Classes meet two evenings a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays) from 4:00pm to 7:30pm for three terms: mid-January to mid-May (Spring), mid-May to late-June (Summer I), and early-September to early-December (Fall). We do not schedule classes in July or August. Each cohort runs for 2.5 years.


For a list of required courses, please see the Graduate Catalog at Choose the Graduate Catalog, select Programs, and click on Master of Education -- School Leadership & Administration.

  • Educational Leadership Foundations, 2 credits, with Dr. Stephen Mills
    DATES: 1/22, 1/24, 1/29/ 1/31, 2/5, 2/7 and 2/12
    No class during February vacation -- February 17 to 24th


  • Action Research for Administration, 2 credits with Dr. Patricia Martin
    DATES: 2/26, 2/28, 3/5, 3/7, 3/12, 3/14 and 3/19


  • Building Capacity for Change, 3 credits, with Jim Randell -- this class will be blended (i.e. in-person and online).
    DATES: 3/21, 3/26, 3/28, 4/2, 4/4, 4/9, 4/11, 4/23, 4/25 and 4/30
    No class during April vacation -- April 15 to 19th


Hear from our Program Graduates:

The administrative licensure program at The Education Cooperative is an excellent program with relevant coursework and instructors with valuable experience in the field. The program was challenging and helped me to grow in my understanding of educational leadership. I learned a lot from my peers as a result of the cohort model and have established a network of professional relationships and friendships that will support me in the future.

-Music teacher from Dover-Sherborn

The TEC program was exactly what I was looking for: worthwhile classes taught by local superintendents with a realistic and operational view of public schools, a convenient schedule that doesn't impact my need to work during the summer, and a staff at TEC that is dedicated to helping me navigate all the licensure requirements. I would definitely choose TEC again.

-Middle School Social Studies teacher from Natick

Without TEC, I would not have been where I am today. My experience with TEC’s mid-career teacher training program inspired me to return to TEC for its administrative licensure program a few years later. As a full-time working mom, the schedule at TEC worked well for me. The vigor of the content, the expertise of the instructors, and the support from my colleagues in the cohort enabled me to attain tremendous professional and personal growth. The program prepared me well for the challenging work as a school administrator in an urban public school, and as a school principal at a high achieving district. I am in awe to the professionalism and the caring support from my instructors and mentors at TEC. It is the best kept secret for inspiring leaders in education. I highly recommend it!

-Principal from Bellevue, WA (formerly from Cambridge)

Rather than continue to take piece meal graduate courses for recertification, I decided to enroll in TEC's Administrative Licensure Program in order to pursue an additional certification and widen my professional opportunities. The courses were interesting, challenging, and engaging. Moving through the program with a cohort of educational professionals also provides valuable support and curricular insights. Learning from top-level professionals in each field (school lawyers, superintendents, principals) demystified the positions and allowed the cohort to unpack the skills needed to be successful and impactful in these areas. I have found that the work done and knowledge gained are directly applicable to my current position and have allowed me to understand the macro and micro workings of a school system. Should I decide to pursue another path in the future, the door is open.

-Teacher from Wayland

I completed the TEC Administrative program in June, 2013 and received my license in August, 2013. I was drawn to the program by its cohort model and appreciated the small classes and personal attention I was given during classes and my Practicum. I was extremely happy with the organization of the program, the pace of the courses, and the convenient location.

-Department Chair, Natick High School

At TEC I was able to experience top notch educational leadership instruction in a very convenient venue. I am constantly using content from the courses, and knowledge gained from the other members of my cohort in my current leadership position. I also can't say enough about the staff in TEC's Administrative Licensure Program. The process of obtaining my license was so smooth thanks to their collective knowledge and expertise. This program is awesome!

-Department Chair, Dedham Public Schools

I have really enjoyed my experience in the TEC/BU Administrative Licensure Program. The schedule and location were very convenient. Most of the instructors were either superintendents or assistant superintendents and had extensive educational leadership experience. Although the program was certainly rigorous, the instructors and TEC personnel were always available to provide additional guidance and support as needed. Finally, I have really enjoyed working with the other professionals in my cohort. We have grown and learned so much together over the last two years, and I can definitely say that I consider each and every one of them a friend.

-Special Educator, Hopkinton Public Schools